Have you ever wondered why it's called wireless charging, but there's actually an annoying round cable that doesn't go to your phone, but to the charger?


V-Juice is here to change that - ok, we have to admit that V-Juice also needs a cable - but it's extremely thin, flat and firmly fixed. Its design allows seamless integration into your interior design. The charging electronics are separated from the charging pad, so you can place them out of sight, for example behind the dresser or under the table.


Our philosophy is to create opportunities to charge your smartphone everywhere:

  • in the hallway - where you always put it when you come home
  • in the kitchen - right next to your WiFi boxes
  • in the living room - where you make yourself comfortable to surf the Internet
  • in the bedroom - on the bedside table
  • at work - at the desk
  • in your car - in the center console

That's where our brand name comes from: Everywhere Juice = "eVerywhere Juice" = "V-Juice".


We have come a long way to create a perfect product for you...


From laboratory to mass production

Our learning curve - with the support of more than a thousand trade fair visitors at our booth


Many thanks for the field test with hundreds of your smartphones (without and with adapters) on our prototypes, the diverse discussions about all aspects and views and the valuable feedback!